Sami Tariq

In 2012, I was a fresh graduate with big dreams and a hunger for success. But, my problem was that I had no skills. I found out about Hassan through a friend, and one meeting with him changed my life.

He trained me and taught me valuable skills that continue to help me to date. I got selected for my first job, soon after. He continued coaching me, and I kept achieving my goals. I became the youngest supervisor at the company where I was employed, after being named employee of the month for 6 straight months.

When I decided it was time for me to start my own business, I turned to Hassan for help and guidance once again. He shared his years of experience with me, gave me invaluable business advice, and took me through the process of setting up my business, hiring employees, and acquiring clients.

My business was nominated among the top 500 employers of Pakistan by Rozee in 2016. I continued to achieve success after success, but one thing remained constant throughout my career; Hassan’s invaluable guidance.

Hassan is so much more than a mentor or a consultant. He becomes your partner and actively takes part in your journey, breaking barriers and creating new opportunities with his experience and talent. He goes out of his way to help, and always makes time for you.

I always tell everyone that if there is anyone who is responsible for my success apart from my parents, it is undoubtedly Hassan. I highly recommend Hassan to anyone who wants to be successful in life. There are many coaches around these days, but the value that Hassan brings with him is extremely rare.