Shakeel Shahzad

Shakeel has been working in the media industry as a director, photographer, producer, and filmmaker for over 25 years. In addition to currently being a featured photographer for Nikon Middle East, Shakeel has worked on thousands of projects for clients all over the world.

Since meeting with him in 2009, I have worked with him on numerous projects and guided him through various career milestones. We worked together on:

  • Establishing and building up Shakeel as an expert in his industry.
  • Establishing and enhancing an online presence through social media and other digital platforms.
  • Concept creation for video and marketing campaigns.

As we go through our lives, we keep learning new things every day. In my opinion, we learn the most from the people around us. There are only a few people that I credit the most with betterment and success in my professional life and Hasan is surely one of them.

Hasan is a talented individual who finds success in whatever he does because he knows how to adapt himself for every situation. One of the best things about Hasan is that he is just as sincere about seeing other people achieve success as he is about his own. He will do all he can to help you, guide you, and show you the right path. I highly recommend him as a business coach.